LMI Seminar: Laser Defense Systems- Science Fiction Materializing

Dr. Yehonathan Segev, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems LTD

09 במרץ 2022, 13:00 
בניין כיתות הנדסה, אודיטוריום 011 
LMI Seminar


Laser technology has advanced rapidly from the invention of the laser in the 1960’s to the Mega-Watt lasers of the late 1980’s.  Alongside the rapid technology development comes an expectation for laser defense systems which have long been a part of science fiction literature. Nevertheless, the latter have yet to be fielded, coining the popular joke that high power laser systems have been three years away from us, for three decades.  Over the last few years, the technology has matured and the operational need for this innovative and game-changing defense system has increased making their entrance to the battlefield imminent.


This Seminar describes how these systems work and focuses on the technological breakthroughs that finally allows their realization- fiber laser power scaling via beam combining, beam focusing and pointing and real-time atmospheric turbulence disturbance correction.

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